International Youth Summit


Saturday, August 20th - 10 am - 2 pm (with a lunch break!)

Today's youth are the target and the change agents of the decisions we make today. The actions taken by our leaders in business, government, academics and community will either make our children's lives better, or create lives with complicated challenges. To shift the direction towards a more respectful view of the environment, it is important that young people from across the region and across the globe come together to share knowledge and understanding, find ways to solve problems as a team, and become creative change ambassadors. The International Youth Summit is a way to begin this process.

We are collaborating with Mr. Virendra Rawat of the Green School Initiative, India. He has begun 100 green schools in his country! He is also working with schools in Nepal. We welcome all the students and teachers traveling from India and Nepal as well as those who are in our region!

Please click HERE to register. Call 617-477-4840 with any questions.

International Youth Summit GreenTalk

Inernational Youth Summit Cultural Performance

International Youth Summit Cultural Performance

If you missed us up above, please click HERE to register for the Summit. Please call 617-477-4840 with any questions.

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