9th Annual Boston GreenFest Premier Media Sponsor, Boston Metro is Boston's most widely read newspaper. The Boston Metro is an eco-conscious organization. It prints on recycled newsprint and there are specially marked recycle receptacles throughout the MBTA stations to increase its recycle rate. It often presents information about sustainability and green initiatives. In its role as Premier Media Sponsor of the 9th Annual Boston GreenFest it is helping the community get a jump start on becoming green.


The City of Boston is working hard to turn Beantown into Greentown. The Environment Department evaluates development, infrastructure and transportation projects; analyzes projects for their potential environmental impacts on the City of Boston and its residents, identifies specific environmental impacts and suggests potential solutions.

Greenovate Boston Greenovate Boston is a movement - a way for everyone in the City to work together to improve our planet, communities, businesses, and daily lives. If every person in the City of Boston committed to five small, new actions the City could reach its 2020 climate goal sooner. These actions don't require a whole lifestyle change: it's as simple as switching to cold water when doing the laundry or dishes. Or making a car-free commute every other Friday. Or turning your computer off at night.

Isaacs has been serving the Boston and Philadelphia areas for over 20 years and is one of the finest independent moving companies in the country. It received an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. The company offers packing, moving, unpacking and storage services as well as international shipments. Isaacs' movers will help exhibitors move on and off the festival site, accommodating Boston GreenFest's wonderful participants. We could not run Boston GreenFest without the generous and kind help Isaac's provides year-in and year-out.

Earth Our Only Home

Earth Our Only Home, Inc. is a woman-owned green roof and living wall consultancy that works with customers to find the best solutions for their building structure and habitat.


Foundation for a Green Future, Inc. organizes Boston GreenFest as their signature annual event to bring the community together in the name of learning, sharing and celebrating. This multicultural 501(c)3 nonprofit is dedicated to providing opportunities to neighborhoods and communities to build an environmentally-friendly world. The Mayor's Office approved the Foundation's proposal to set up movable healing gardens on City Hall Plaza as a means to not only embellish this stark space, but to teach about the healing power of plants. Two planters will be donated to begin this process on the occasion of Boston GreenFest.

Sahale Snacks

SAHALE SNACKS let your taste buds have an adventure. They start with whole nuts from the best growers-including cashews, pecans, almonds, and pistachios-and combine them with naturally dried, preservative-free fruit. Then they add fabulous ingredients like honey, lemongrass, chipotle chili, and pure ground Madagascar vanilla beans. There is a snack to enjoy for every moment of the day!

Honest Tea

At HONEST TEA they embrace the simplicity of tea - water and leaves. Ever since 2730 B.C. when the Chinese emperor Shen Nung first "discovered" tea after some leaves fell into a pot of boiling water, tea has been the world's second most popular drink (behind water). For generations, cultures around the world have enjoyed tea grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers and they do not include them in their recipes today.

Billions in Change

Billions in Change want to make a difference in the world, not one at a time, but one billion at a time. Learn about their movement to build a better future through the creation of solutions in water, energy, and health.


The Boston Society of Architects (BSA) is a nonprofit professional service organization that administers programs and provides services that enhance the practice of architecture. In recent years, the BSA has targeted sustainable green building practices.

Eastern Bank
Eastern Bank has stayed true to its communities since 1818. This is part of what makes us Eastern Bank who it is. Through the dedication of time and talent by their employee volunteers, the generosity of our Charitable Foundation's sponsorship and grant efforts, and our partnerships with local community organizations to improve financial literacy, we are committed to giving back. Thank you, Eastern Bank!

GEICO, Government Employees Insurance Company, has been providing affordable auto insurance since 1936. It is the second largest auto insurer in the United States and is predicated on the model of providing auto insurance to government employees. GEICO is committed to being environmentally responsible. It practices energy and water savings efforts in its offices, uses a paperless billing system, and seeks continuous improvements to managing its waste.

Herb Chambers BMW
Herb Chambers began in 1985 and currently would be ranked fifth largest car business in the nation if they were a publicly owned business (they are not!). Herb Chambers has gone beyond hybrids and is gearing up for the future with offering many electric vehicles. We're happy to have them bring us an electric BMW for Boston GreenFest 2015.

Massport develops, promotes and manages Massachusetts' airports, seaports and transportation infrastructure. As a result of the innovative environmental programs that Massport has undertaken, the effect of Massport's facilities on the surrounding environment has been dramatically lessened since the 1990's. Due to Massport's broad range of emissions reduction efforts, including alternative ground access transportation options, use of alternative fuel vehicles, energy optimization/conservation and building design, construction and operations measures have significantly improved air quality in and around Massport properties, including Boston Logan International Airport.

The MBTA, otherwise known as the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, manages the Boston area's commuter rail, bus, subway and ferry systems. The MBTA generously provides ad space for Boston GreenFest on its Red and Orange subway lines.

Savers brings a double benefit to every shopper. Not only does it help us recycle clothing, shoes, and household goods, but helps support the Epilepsy Foundation in its quest for remedies. Savers knows what the quadruple bottom line is - people, planet, profit and giving back. This wonderful company gave the opportunity to all of our designers to find clothes to upcycle and showcase in our SAVERS EcoFashion Show. Thank you Savers!

SouthAsian Arts Council
The South AsianArts Council is a wonderful partner helping us connect East and West. SAAC is a pioneering organization working to share the rich heritage of South Asia with the modern global world. By connecting communities through the arts, SAAC brings the history and culture of this dynamic and diverse region to contemporary audiences.

State Street
Based in Boston, State Street is a financial provider offering benchmarking, investment management and securities administration. Newsweek ranked State Street 6th out of 500 companies evaluated in the country for its sustainability practices. We are particularly grateful to State Street for its encouragement, volunteer efforts and significant participation in this year's event.

Full List of Sponsors

Boston GreenFest is grateful to ALL the sponsors that make our event possible!


A2Z Talent Foundation

Bay State Banner
Boston Harbor Hotel

Boston Parents Paper

Boston Society of Architects

Brazilian Times


City of Boston



Earth Our Only Home

Eastern Bank

el Mundo
FIRST Boston

Foundation for a Green Future

Greater 4 Corners
Greater Four Corners Action Coalition

Green Neighbors Education Committee


Herb Chambers BMW

Honest Tea



Mas TV


New England Real Estate Journal (NEREJ)

Panera Cares

Red Sun Press

ReNewable Now

Sahale Snacks

Sam Adams


SouthAsian Arts Council

State Street

TAJ Boston

The House of Nahdra

Telemundo Boston

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