We want to preserve our planet so our children can continue to thrive. We invite them to discover ways to enjoy the world around them through art, music, robotics, animals, games, poetry, dance and more! We offer an exciting interactive space with lots of kid-friendly fun-for-family activities. State Street will host a set of fun earth-friendly activities! The MFA will be with us to engage your family in creative projects, the Museum of Science will show how to make a solar oven, and the New England Zoo will teach about animals and the importance of biodiversity. There will be badminton, lego robotics, face painting, free pony rides and much more! NE Revolution might offer a chance to try for a soccer goal and the list continues. Come and see for yourself!

Big Globe FIRST Robotics NE Revolution Origami

EcoKids Pony EcoKids Obstacle Course EcoKids Hoops

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