When we think of ways to reduce the effect of GreenHouseGas - levels of excess carbon in the atmosphere, we often think about transportation, construction and manufacturing. When we think about conserving water, we take shorter showers and put water saving devices on our faucets. However we overlook the fashion industry and its impact on both of these areas. Most of our clothes come from cotton, which to grow, depends on tractors to aerate and fertilize, spreading excess carbon dioxide over the fields - too much for the crops to absorb. Then trucks must be used to transport the cotton to the factory, from factory to the stores and cars to bring the garments home. As for water, large amounts of water are needed to grow, weave, dye, and prepare garments. There is an excessive amount of chemicals used in the industry for growing the cotton and dying the material. These chemicals pollute the ground, the water and the air. When we wear the clothes, our skin absorbs these chemicals, especially when the clothes are brand new.

Let's shift our fashion appetite from buying new clothes to upcycled and recycled chic! Explore ecoFashion options at Boston GreenFest! There will be mini EcoFashion Shows thanks to SAVERS, every day on our stage - check the schedule and keep your eye on the stage!

Come to the SAVERS EcoFashion Show on the Metro Main Stage on Saturday, August 20, 2016 from 5-6 pm.

Samples from Designers Who Have Presented at
Our SAVERS EcoFashion Show

At a previous Boston GreenFest, we had a surprise ending to our SAVERS EcoFashion Show - a truly green wedding! Mela and Tony met as volunteers on the planning team for Boston GreenFest. It made sense to them to share their special day on our Main Stage and we couldn't have been happier.

The wedding gown upcycled and worn by Mela Bush-Miles of Mela Amorosa Design was a gown she found at SAVERS West Roxbury, MA store. The wedding of Ms. Mela Bush and Mr. Tony Miles was the first time our festival hosted a marriage on our stage. It was a tribute to the love they share for each other and for their community. Their ceremony was enjoyed by friends, family and all who came to Boston GreenFest. Mr. Mel King served as one of their witnesses and Mr. Kamau R Kenyatta, father of the groom, performed the ceremony.

A Green Wedding!

Photographs courtesy of M. Person Photography

MelaTony Miles Wedding MelaTony Miles Wedding MelaTony Miles Wedding

Boston GreenFest Designers

Photos courtesy of Siobhan McLernon

Upcycled Designs by House of Nahdra

Nahdra-Man Nahdra Nahdra

Upcycled Designs by Marjorie Delsoin (Left)         Upcycled Designs by Mela Amoroso (Center/Right)

Design by Marjorie     Design by Mela Design by Mela

Upcycled Designs by Franchesca Salamanca

Design by Franchesca Design by Francehsca Design by Franchesca Design by Franchesca

Upcycled Designs for Children

Fashion for Kids Fashion for Kids Fashion for Kids

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