Let's Play Dominoes!

The game of dominoes likely dates back to that start of the 12th century, however it is not sure whether it began in Egypt or China. Perhaps in both places independently? We know that dominoes were played in Italy in 1355 and have since become a very popular sport across Central and South America. It is a simple concept with small wooden or plastic tiles, that takes wit, logic, memory and a little bit of luck. Whatever level you're at - come play dominoes! There will be tournaments throughout the weekend and areas where you can just play for fun. We will also set up tables for the children to learn.

All of this is possible thanks to the Boston Warrior Domino League run by Ms.Aida L. Silva and LULAC New England, the League of United Latin American Citizens under the supervision of Mr. Juan Aurelia Lopez, regional vice president. Look for the domino tables in the Boston City Hall Atrium, up the stairs and to the left! See you there!

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