Official 9th Annual Boston GreenFest App

Get the DoneGood app to get the 9th Annual Boston GreenFest event and music schedules, special attractions, exhibitors and vendors, food and drink info right on your smartphone.

Instructions for downloading:

1. Download the DoneGood app

2. Swipe right

3. Create your profile

4. Click on "what's good" and find Boston GreenFest!

AppleDownloadDoneGood DroidDownloadDoneGood

When you get this information on your phone instead of taking printed materials, you reduce waste and help make Boston GreenFest even greener!

About DoneGood: DoneGood is the app that makes it easy for you to find local businesses and events that share your values. And it was developed locally at the Harvard iLab!

More and more of us want to shop at businesses that are green, support workers, use organic and locally-sourced products, and just do good for people and the planet. With DoneGood, type in the kind of product you're looking for and the issues important to you, and DoneGood shows you local businesses you can feel good about supporting!

As the DoneGood community grows, we can encourage even more businesses to do the right thing. Together, we can change the way the world does business!

This festival offers more than just great music and food. It has something for everyone and is FREE to attend. Boston GreenFest provides festival-goers with the chance to learn, connect, and celebrate. Bring your family, bring your friends, bring your neighborhood! Most importantly, Take a Step and load up the festival app!

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