Mallakhamb Yoga

Mallakhamb Yoga is an ancient practice originating in India in 1135. It is a traditional Indian sport in which the practitioner practices yoga-like postures and movements on a vertical wooden pole or a rope. "Malla" means "wrestler" and "khamb" means "pole", combining the skills of gymnastics, meditation/yoga and martial art. The athlete develops agility, balance, patience, courage, strength and grace. The Mallakhamb Federation of the United States seeks to teach this sport to Americans and wants to establish a center in every state. We have the privilege of having them come to Boston GreenFest to show how amazing Mallakhamb Yoga is and get people excited about practicing it in their daily lives. Award-winning Coach Chinmay Patankar will be on hand to answer questions. Performances will be shown throughout the weekend of Boston GreenFest in the EcoKids Center.

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