FAQs: General Information

Do you have to pay to go to this event?
No, it is completely free and open to the public.

Are there activities for children?
There are many things that children 0-12 can be part of along with anyone else who is feeling young at heart.

Can I ride my bike to the festival?
There is a bike rack at Boston City Hall near the left of the Main Entrance on the Plaza level.

Are you still looking for volunteers? And is there an age limit?
Anyone who wants to help us out is welcome to do so. There is no limit on age - it is at parents' discretion.Please go to the tab "GET INVOLVED" to find out more about the volunteer opportunities available.

Are the exhibits open all night long?
Exhibitors close at around 6 pm on Friday and Saturday evenings.
Some specialty and food vendors will remain open until the Main Stage performances finish at 10 pm.
Everything closes at 6 pm on Sunday.

What are some things I can do to "take a step"at Boston GreenFest?
This year, two ways to "take a step" are: (1) become knowledgeable about ways to be more eco-friendly and share them with others; (2) find one or two items that you were going to throw out or recycle and find a way to reuse it/them.

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