Walk the Talk

How have we been "walking the talk" at Boston GreenFest over the years? It is one thing to set up an event to educate people about being eco-friendly and another to try to do it for ourselves! We have our own "GreenTeam" that works on every aspect of our event, and although we try to hold ourselves to the highest standards, we too, must recognize that we are on a continuum and try to improve from one year to the next.


For the past two years, TerraPass let us walk the talk in a big way, enabling us to offset 10 Metric Tons of energy that we consumed in the form of conventional energy. Check out the amazing projects they have Fight Climate Change with Energy Offsets! and how you can make a difference in your home, your office and your business.

The lights we use are CFLs and LEDs. We ask our exhibitors to try to be "low tech" at our event or use solar generators. We try to power part of our stage by pedal power and this year we are working to put mini wind turbines on the Metro Main Stage!

MassEnergy has offset our conventional energy use on the Family Stage and EcoStage.

Composting and Waste Management

We compost our food waste.

A wonderful company, Go Green Solutions, Inc., provided us with clearly marked waste/recycle containers to help sort trash from recycled goods. Your company or town can take advantage of these terrific containers by adding your advertising and logo to them and placing them in strategic locations.

We recycle all bottles, cardboard boxes, plastic and paper with the help of Save that Stuff!


No bottled water! MWRA provides us with a portable water fountain, allowing us to conserve water and energy. It takes three times the amount of water in a bottle of water to produce that bottle of water AND it takes around 3.4 megajoules of energy to make a typical one-liter plastic bottle, cap, and packaging.


We encourage festival-goers to use public transportation, walk, bike or carpool. Zipcar assists us with vehicles to help us get around during our event.


We work with our food vendors to try to assure they are using eco-friendly supplies, local or organic foods to the extent possible, and a mix of vendors that include vegan and vegetarian fare.

Here are some links to learn more about food choices:



New website that uses an energy efficient black screen!

Print only on recycled paper with ecofriendly inks at a local employee-owned printer - Red Sun Press.

Use a minimum amount of paper to make flyers and save the dates for the event.

Reuse any flyers left over from the previous year.

Entertainment Highlights

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Boston GreenFest is organized by
Foundation for a Green Future, Inc.
email: info@bostongreenfest.org