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This forum looks at where we are currently in our transportation services and how we are sharing the road with bikes and pedestrians. It also attempts to grapple with some innovative questions about where we would like to see transportation head. What is the most efficient, safe and equitable way to move from point A to point B? How do our transit systems allow us to be creative about our future? We will ask the panelists to share their vision for transportation tomorrow and discuss plans and actions we are setting in motion today to get us there.


Ms. Mela Cardosa-Bush, Transportation Specialist, Greater Four Corners Action Coalition
Mela Bush is the Lead Community Organizer for the Greater Four Corners Action Coalition. Primarily she works to promote Transportation Justice in environmental justice communities. In 7 years she has succeeded in increasing access to public transit by coordinating the community process to build 4 new train stations on a line previously scheduled to be shut down. She mobilizes residents and riders to stand up for fair and equitable transportation. She also served as the Program Coordinator for On the Move: Greater Boston's Transportation Justice Coalition. Currently she serves on the Rail Users Network Board of Directors advocating for equitable rail service in North America. Additionally, Mela helps coordinate the activities of the Fairmount/Indigo Coalition.


Mr. Assaf Biderman, Founder/CEO, Superpedestrian
Assaf Biderman is a technology inventor, author, and entrepreneur. In December 2012, Assaf founded Superpedestrian, a venture that develops lightweight networked vehicles that offer an alternative to cars and connect drivers, riders, and sensors with the built environment in new ways. The Copenhagen Wheel, shown here, allows cyclists to ride with ease for long distances or up steep inclines.

Since 2004 Assaf has been teaching at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he is the associate director of the SENSEable City Laboratory - a research group that explores the "real-time city" by studying the increasing deployment of sensors and networked miniaturized electronics, as well as their relationship to the built environment.

Mr. Noah Hicks, Founder/CEO, Bowdoin Bike School
The force behind the Bowdoin Bike School, Noah Hicks discovered the freedom he could have in owning a bicycle to get from point A to point B around the city. He is helping many others learn about bikes, become cyclists and find a new path n their lives.

Mr. Jeremy Kranowitz, Executive Director, Sustainable America
As Executive Director of Sustainable America, Jeremy Kranowitz is able to focus exclusively on the issues of food and fuel, with an eye on market-driven solutions. Through his work, Sustainable America is helping entrepreneurs launch successful ideas that can change society for the better. He is ready to share his ideas and vision at our forum.

Mr. Timothy Lasker, MBTA
A company calculates our use of oil, natural gas, water, electricity, and the amount of garbage we produce all as a single unit. In 2010 the Massachusetts Department of Transportation launched GreenDOT, an ambitious initiative to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the state's transportation system 40% by 2020. When he heard the news, Tim Lasker, the sustainability specialist for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), had one thought: How are we going to manage this? The first step was to review how much energy the MBTA was using for each task -- but given that it was using different sources of energy (fuel oil, natural gas, electricity), how was Lasker to compare the efficiency of one to another? The answer was closer than he knew.

He joins us for this forum to bring his insights on public transit, but also to consider what it would take to create transit justice and eliminate fares for public transportation.

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