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Making strides in our city's transportation is crucial for our future. If we can envision exciting new forms of transportation that reduce pollution, the need for fossil fuel and bring new technologies to bear, why not put them into place in the next 3-5 years instead of wait for a point in the distant future. Meet with people who can help us make these visions happen. We will hear from government officials and industry experts about the ideas they are contemplating.

The Transportation Tomorrow Today Forum will take place on Friday, August 21, 2015 from 10 am to 12 pm at Boston City Hall, in the BRA Board Room on the 9th floor, just to the left of the elevators.

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Gil Penalosa, Executive Director, 8 to 80 Cities

Mr. Gil Penalosa will join us from Toronto as our keynote speaker. He has started a program called 8 to 80 Cities (click HERE for more info). How do cities and businesses gain competitive advantage when taking into consideration the ease at which an 8 year old or an 80 year old can get around the city?

PANELISTS will join us from State, City and Local Agencies (awaiting confirmation from state officials):

Vineet Gupta, Director of Policy and Planning, Boston Transportation Department

Mr. Vineet Gupta has been the Director of Policy and Planning for the City of Boston's Transportation Department since 1997. His work has focused on bringing policy to fruition through project implementation. Under his leadership the City has established its Complete Streets initiative; published Access Boston, a multi-disciplinary citywide transportation plan; designed Boston's first transit priority line; and formalized pollution-reducing parking policies. He is currently managing the design of major corridors and establishing an electric-vehicle infrastructure in Boston.

Mela Miles, Lead Community Organizer, Greater Four Corners Action Coalition

Ms. Mela Miles, Lead Community Organizer at Greater Four Corners Action Coalition. Ms. Miles is also the Program Coordinator for On the Move: Greater Boston's Transportation Justice Coalition. Currently she serves on the Rail Users Network Board of Directors advocating for equitable rail service in North America and helps coordinate the activities of the Fairmount/Indigo Coalition.

Bill James, Founder and CEO, jPods

Mr. Bill James, Physicist turned solar transit visionary and CEO of jPods, has designed a personal rapid transit system that could transform Boston and cities across the globe.

Tim Lasker, Sustainability Specialist, MBTA

A company calculates our use of oil, natural gas, water, electricity, and the amount of garbage we produce all as a single unit. In 2010 the Massachusetts Department of Transportation launched GreenDOT, an ambitious initiative to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the state's transportation system 40% by 2020. When he heard the news, Tim Lasker, the sustainability specialist for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), had one thought: How are we going to manage this? The first step was to review how much energy the MBTA was using for each task -- but given that it was using different sources of energy (fuel oil, natural gas, electricity), how was Lasker to compare the efficiency of one to another? The answer was closer than he knew. He joins us for this forum to bring his insights on public transit, but also to consider what it would take to create transit justice for public transportation.


Jack Gregg, Director, Electric Vehicle Urban Infrastructure Study (EVUIS)

Mr. Jack Gregg has been working to promote electric vehicle infrastructure in Boston since 2010. He is an avid believer in the need to reduce overall transportation carbon emissions and has run Carbon Day at Copley Square, organized several transportation forums at Boston GreenFest and assisted with radio shows on the Rhode Island-based ReNewable Radio program.

The canvas is open for maglev, kinetic energy, solar roadways, electric vehicles of all sorts, and more. What is your vision?

maglev solar road

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