METRO MAIN STAGE: Sunday, August 17

Highlights today include:

The Olate Dogs - come see these lovable furry gymnasts perform amazing flips and spins across the Metro Main Stage!

Lots of wonderful dance from Boston, China and India...

Native American Drum and Dance Closing Ceremony with Annawon. We always opened our event with a ceremony performed by Annawon and his family. This year we will end with the wisdom and spirit that will call us to action throughout the year. We hope you will all stay to be part of this special moment.

Each photo is linked to the performer's website, facebook or youtube.

Olate Dogs Olate Dogs
Richard and Nicholas Olate bring their amazing dogs (rescued from shelters) filled with love, antics and tricks for our enjoyment - their last show on the Metro Main Stage.
skooj SKooJ CorE-O with Boston Community Dance Project and Static Noyze
Created in June 2011, SKooJ CorE-O wanted to bring real life stories to the stage in a new dimension. Ay first, BCDP was an experimental project but quickly grew into a well received movement that evolved into a dance company The Boston Community Dance Project presently has a Contemporary concentration with accents on Theater, Musicality, Animation, and Hip Hop fundamentals.

Freevolt Freevolt
A ROOTS ROCK AMERICANA JAM REGGAE POP BAND THAT WAS PLANTED IN massachuestts IN THE SUMMER OF 2012. since their inception, they have BEEN SIGNED TO EVOLVEMENT MUSIC, received a new england music award, and are again going to play on the Metro Main Stage.
Chinese Drum Chinese Drum Troupe began to practice twice a week in February 2010. Miranda works as the teacher, who combined the Kungfu elements with the drum dance. "It is not only a dance that helps shape your body, but also an exercise to strengthen your body," Miranda said.

Al-Hessan Al-Jawary Dance Troupe Al-Hessan Al-Jawary
Al-Jawary Al-Hessan is a Raqs Sharqi (Dance of the East) Belly Dance troupe of professional dancers who perform in many New England venues, including clubs, bazaars, festivals, wedding receptions, etc. We are renowned for incorporating many of the traditional props of the dance, such as finger cymbals, veils, canes, swords, plates, candles & tambourines, to express the synergy between movement and Middle-Eastern music.
Malabarj Malabar
is seven friends from different backgrounds playing their favorite music, creating a unique blend of reggae, funk, soul, latin, pop and afrobeat.
Macrotones Macrotones
Boston-based afrofunk ambadassadors
the Cultured the Culturedc
"If it sounds good, it is good." We can tip our hats to Mr. Ellington for voicing this bit of advice. It's the simplest way to eliminate any predispositions that might cheat you out of a good bit of music, and this concept has been one of the only contingencies for The Cultured and their songwriting. They may not even look like they belong on the same stage
Annawon Annawon - Native American Dance Ceremony
Born & raised in the tribal community of Charlestown, Rhode Island among relatives of both Narragansett/Pequot lineage through his father, Annawon now resides in his mother's Wampanoag community located in Mashpee, MA. We are proud to have Annawon share his culture and perform the closing ceremony for Boston GreenFest 2014.

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