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Sponsors 2013

Boston Metro
Boston GreenFest 2013 Premier Title Sponsor, Boston Metro is Boston's most widely read newspaper. The Boston Metro is an eco-conscientious organization. It prints on recycled newsprint and there are specially marked recycle receptacles throughout the MBTA stations to increase its recycle rate. It often presents information about sustainability and green initiatives. In its role as Premier Title Sponsor of Boston GreenFest 2013 it is helping the community get a jump start in becoming green.

Afrodesiacity is a unique event planner and promoter in the Greater Boston area. Thanks entirely to Afrodesiacity's vision and planning, GreenSouleStage will be a reality for Boston GreenFest.

Apex Green Roofs
Apex Green Roofs creates eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing green roofs for its clients. It provides design-build services and has installed numerous green roofs in the Greater Boston area as well as in various parts of the East Coast.

Bay State Banner
Originated in 1965, The Boston Bay State Banner is an independent newspaper primarily geared toward the readership interests of the African-American community and minority-oriented neighborhoods in Boston.

Bay State College
Bay State College, a small private college focused on passionate students who want to turn their interests into a rewarding career, has partnered with Boston GreenFest through a number of internship opportunities. Bay State students are helping Boston GreenFest in areas of entertainment, sponsorship, hospitality and management.

Boloco, a Boston-based restaurant chain, is dedicated to serving its customers delicious globally inspired burritos. Through their restaurants, Boloco aspires to make the planet a better place. As a Green Certified Restaurant, Boloco serves up eco-friendly products such as corn cups, bamboo bowls, naturally-raised meats and organic tofu, and implements green practices such as composting and recycling. Join Boloco on Boston GreenFest's EcoTerrace and Lounge.

The Boston Celtics
Boston's NBA basketball team, The Boston Celtics , will be in the EcoKids Center throughout the festival!

Boston FIRST
Sponsoring the largest robotics competition in Boston and the largest regional competition, Boston FIRST is a one-of-a-kind program for middle and high school students founded by inventor Dean Kamen. Designed to encourage students to pursue science and engineering, FIRST works with mentors within business, education and government to make science as cool as sports. Boston FIRST will bring some amazing robots to Boston GreenFest this year.

Boston Harbor Hotel
Located along Boston's beautiful harbor side, Boston Harbor Hotel at Rowes Wharf boasts a unique combination of history, location, and service.

Boston Music Coalition
The Boston Music Coalition is the center of live music! We are the one-stop publicity portal for music-related events. From Fenway to Franklin Park, the Boston Music Coalition is active with projects and musicians that span a multitude of music genres.

Boston Parents Paper
Boston Parents Paper is the leading resource for families living in the greater Boston, Massachusetts region providing timely information, news and local listings to more than 75,000 readers.

Boston Society of Architects
The Boston Society of Architects (BSA) is a nonprofit professional service organization that administers programs and provides services that enhance the practice of architecture. In recent years, the BSA has targeted sustainable green building practices.

Boston Harbor Islands
The Boston Harbor Islands are "minutes away and worlds apart." These islands are an important feature of the City of Boston, providing shelter to wildlife, a natural barrier for our harbor, as well as a place to relax and learn. Boston GreenFest has partnered with the Boston Harbor Islands to help educate our community on the importance of the land-sea connection we share as Bostonians and the impact our actions on land have with the sea.

The Boxer Hotel
Situated in the heart of Boston, The Boxer Hotel is the perfect place for travelers to call home as they explore everything Boston has to offer.

Bunker Hill Community College
Bunker Hill Community College is a comprehensive, two-year higher education institution located in Boston's historic Charlestown. Founded in 1973, BHCC is the largest community college in Massachusetts and offers day, afternoon, evening, late-evening, midnight, weekend, and web-based courses.

Cedar's Mediterranean Foods, Inc.
Cedar's , a Massachusetts based family company, is committed to creating traditional, all natural Mediterranean food products. Cedar's firmly believes in maintaining the integrity of each product with a focus on the environment and consumers. Their hommus products are both non-GMO and gluten-free certified. Check them out at this year's EcoTerrace and Lounge!

City of Boston, Environment Department
The City of Boston is working hard to turn Beantown into Greentown. The Environment Department evaluates development, infrastructure and transportation projects; analyzes projects for their potential environmental impacts on the City of Boston and its residents, identifies specific environmental impacts and suggests potential solutions.

Chevy is taking the environment into consideration from the factory to the road. Electric vehicles are part of Chevy's program: Change your vehicle, Keep your lifestyle!
Start thinking about plugging in!

Comfort Inn
As one of Choice Hotel's top brands, The Comfort Inn emphasizes the importance of corporate social responsibility. The company's Room to be Green program focuses on energy conservation, water conservation and waste reduction.

Earth Our Only Home, Inc.
A local women-owned and operated green roof consultancy, Earth Our Only Home, Inc. provides green roof services for commercial and residential applications. The green roof on WGBH was established due to their input and expertise.

Eastern Bank
Eastern Bank acquired Wainwright Bank which was the first socially progressive bank that made community development, affordable housing, civil and human rights, and other social issues a prominent focus of its activities. Eastern Bank has a documented history of leadership in supporting community efforts and small business lending. The Foundation for a Green Future, Inc. has its bank account at Eastern Bank.

Enterprise CarShare
Enterprise CarShare , is a car sharing program that allows customers to reserve a car by the hour for one, all-inclusive price. Enterprise believes that "the less cars people own and the more they use alternative forms of transportation, the more we help Mother Nature stay stable", which is where car sharing comes into play. As a company committed to sustainability, Enterprise offers high fuel efficiency vehicles including hybrid and electric cars. To further their carbon footprint reduction, Enterprise also made a 50 Million Tree Pledge in 2006, which they are well on their way of reaching.

Everybody Is A Star
Everybody Is A Star seeks to provide special needs youth with a greater sense of self-esteem, confidence and success by providing them with opportunities to learn from and work with professionals in the music, film and live production industries to create recordings, videos and performances in which they are heard and seen as the true stars they are. Everybody Is A Star will be sending two individuals to compete in the first annual Boston EcoPageant International.

FireSeed produces art as you have never seen it before. FireSeed Events are compact, traveling, live art exhibitions. The FireSeed mission is to re-claim, re-purpose, and up-cycle discarded material for use in making high quality art. This year we are grateful that FireSeed is leading the effort to create the EcoTimeTrail and EcoGallery at Boston GreenFest.

The 2012 Ford Focus Electric is rated the most fuel-efficient five passenger vehicle in America. It will be showcased at Boston GreenFest.

GoGreen Web Directory
A net-based compendium of green businesses, Go Green Web Directory, offers an excellent resource for businesses and customers in Massachusetts and New England. is a resource portal for the green roof industry. It includes information about how green roofs work, a searchable database of green roof projects, job opportunities in landscape design, and more.

GEICO has been providing affordable auto insurance to its customers since 1936. In effort to be environmentally responsible, GEICO has implemented recycling, energy and water-saving programs in its offices, has established a paperless billing system to cut down on energy, fuel and paper, and has also created an environmental and safety training program for participating auto body repair shops.

Healthy Living
Healthy Living is an online magazine covering a wide variety of topics to improve one's health and find healthy solutions.

Honest Tea creates and promotes refreshing, healthy, organic beverages that are low-calorie and are in eco-friendly packaging.

The Irie Project
The Irie Project is a Vermont based design company that specializes in ecologically friendly furniture. The Irie Project product line features furniture crafted from local cedar harvested under strict sustainable harvesting methods. The company has set forth a no waste policy and strives to recycle and reuse as much wood as they can. The Irie Project will be furnishing this year's Eco Terrace and Lounge.

Isaacs Moving and Storage
Isaacs has been serving the Boston and Philadelphia areas for over 20 years and is one of the finest independent moving companies in the country. It received an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. The company offers packing, moving, unpacking and storage services as well as international shipments. Isaacs' movers will help exhibitors move on and off the festival site on August 15th and 17th.

ISES (Integrative Sustainability and Environmental Solutions) specializes in planning strategic programs that contribute to environmental health and economic and social development.

Izze produces refreshing sparkling juices made from fruit juice and sparkling water. Their drinks contain no refined sugar, caffeine, preservatives or anything artificial for that matter.

Jam'n 94.5
Jam'n 94.5 is Boston's #1 radio station for Hip-Hop and Hit Music and run by Clear Channel Communications.

KISS 108
KISS 108 is one of the most prominent top 40 stations in New England and is a sister station to Jam'n 94.5. It is run by Clear Channel Communications.

Land Escapes
Land Escapes beautifully transforms the interior and exterior of a building in natural artistic ways through living walls and bio-filters. You'll never feel the same again about the space you live in. Land Escapes also does environmentally friendly landscapes and floral arrangements.

Las Parceritas
Las Parceritas do a fantastic job connecting the Latino community to its music roots. Three sisters form the basis of this company to organize events, videotape artists and weddings, create corporate documentaries, and represent upcoming Latino artists. They are working towards educating their community about recycling and things green. We are fortunate to have them managing our Daytime Main Stage and bringing wonderful performers to our festival.

Late July Organic Snacks
Late July Organic Snacks is a family owned company dedicated to making delicious organic, NON-GMO snacks. Their mission is to ensure that future generations of families always have access to good food free from GMOs, toxic persistent pesticides and antibiotics. Late July Organic Snacks is one of this year's EcoTerrace and Lounge sponsors.

LAZ Parking
Laz Parking offers convenient parking at great rates throughout the Boston area. This year they will be sponsoring parking for Boston GreenFest's vendors and exhibitors.

Living Social
Living Social is a local marketplace where businesses and consumers can buy and share the best things to do around the city. The site offers deals and discounts on a range of products and services from restaurants and family outings to personal fitness, home services and even travel packages. Living Social featured a food & beverage package for this year's EcoTerrace and Lounge.

Long Trail Brewing Co
A Vermont based brewing company, Long Trail is dedicated to producing craft beer in an eco-conscientious manner. The company has a deep appreciation and understanding of the resource limitations of our local environment and is always seeking ways to minimize the environmental impact of the brewery. Some of their green practices include using spent grain and spent hops as feed for local dairy cattle, condensing steam from the brewing process into hot water and using the thermal energy to heat water for the next brewing cycle, which saves up to 2,000 gallons of propane a month. Boston GreenFest is excited to have Long Trail Brewing Co on our EcoTerrace and Lounge this year!

Mass Energy
Mass Energy is a non-profit working to make energy more affordable and sustainable for everyday consumers. This year, Mass Energy is providing renewable energy to offset our Family Stage.

Massport develops, promotes and manages Massachusetts' airports, seaports and transportation infrastructure. As a result of the innovative environmental programs that Massport has undertaken, the effect of Massport's facilities on the surrounding environment has been dramatically lessened since the 1990's. Due to Massport's broad range of emissions reduction efforts, including alternative ground access transportation options, use of alternative fuel vehicles, energy optimization/conservation and building design, construction and operations measures have significantly improved air quality in and around Massport properties, including Boston Logan International Airport.

MasTV is the newest addition to Spanish television in the Boston area and can be seen on Comcast Channel 26. It has partnered with Cuencavision to bring more community news to our neighborhoods.

The MBTA, otherwise known as the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, manages the Boston area's commuter rail, bus, subway and ferry systems. The MBTA generously provides ad space for Boston GreenFest on its Red and Orange subway lines.

The MWRA , Massachusetts Water Resource Authority, provides wholesale water and sewer services to 2.5 million people and more than 5,500 large industrial users in 61 metropolitan Boston communities. The MWRA seeks to ensure that their services are reliable, cost-effective and high-quality and also protect public health and promote environmental stewardship. The MWRA will be setting up temporary water fountains to provide festival-goers with fresh water.

La MEGA is the region's number one Spanish-speaking radio station.

El Mundo
El Mundo is the region's number one Spanish newspaper and is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Check out our column on green tips! We are proud to be working with El Mundo as it works to educate and bring the community together.

The Naked Grape
The Naked Grape wines are created using 100 percent sustainable winery practices. Hillary Stevens, the creator of The Naked Grape wines, believes that sustainability is the simplest, most natural way of preserving the land where we grow, and in turn, the natural flavor of the grapes. "All our wines are crafted at a sustainable winery and we're continually working to improve operations to further minimize our impact on the environment."

Naked Juice
Naked Juice offers juices made from real fruits and vegetables with no preservatives. Naked Juice believes in good health for both its consumers and the planet. They are dedicated to preserving the planet through initiatives such as reNEWabottle, which recycles old bottles to cut energy by 50%, unique packaging designs that allow for more efficient transportation, LEED certified facilities and a partnership with the Rainforest Alliance.

Nantucket Nectars
Nantucket Nectarsis committed to continually making the best juice in a bottle from real juices and real steeped tea. The juices and teas contain no artificial flavors.

National Grid
National Grid delivers natural gas and electricity to over 6 million customers in New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

For more than 100 years, NSTARr has been delivering safe and reliable electricity and natural gas to 1.4 million customers in Eastern, Central and Southeastern Massachusetts. This includes more than one million electric customers in 81 communities and 300,000 gas customers in 51 communities. NSTAR is a Northeast Utilities company (NYSE: NU). NSTAR is committed to the The Green Communities Act of 2008, which has helped customers save money and live healthier, more sustainable lives. Look for NSTAR's efficient lighting savings at Boston GreenFest - the value of $100 for only $10!

Peak Organic Brewing Company
Peak is a craft brewing company based in Maine that is dedicated to making delicious beer using local, organic ingredients. Peak believes that you don't need to sacrifice flavor for sustainability, in fact ingredients sourced from local farms and artisan businesses make for tastier beer.

El Planeta
Since its inception in May 2004, El Planeta has become the leading publication for the Hispanic market in Massachusetts. El Planeta is a newspaper with editorial integrity and a real mission: to inform, educate and unite the Hispanic community with other communities in the region.

Real Goods Solar
Real Goods Solar works with individuals, businesses, schools, and governments to install affordable solar energy systems. Through their work, Real Goods seeks to lead the transition to clean and renewable energy, thus reducing the human ecological footprint. Their services include solar PV system consultation, financing, design, engineering, permitting, installation, rebate acquisition, maintenance, and monitoring. .

Rebecca's Cafe
With over 30 locations in the Boston area, Rebecca's Cafe offers fresh, locally sourced food and catering services. Rebecca's Cafe will be catering this year's Green Business Breakfast.

Red Sun Press
Red Sun PressFor more than 20 years Red Sun Press has been a leader in promoting papers with high recycled and post-consumer content. Red Sun Press encourages the use of processed chlorine-free papers and is the first printer in New England to stock 100% post-consumer waste paper as their house sheet at no extra charge to the customer. All of the paper used in their copy department is recycled, and the color copier stock paper is 100% post-consumer waste. Importantly, it is a company where every worker has a seat on the board of directors, shares equally in the profits, and where women and men of all backgrounds have equal opportunities.

Renewable Now
Peter Arpin hosts ReNewable Now , which is an eco-conscious series dedicated to the "business side of green". ReNewable Now brings together government officials, business leaders, community groups, inventors, activists and others from around the world to shed light on ways companies can introduce green technologies, programs and practices for conducting activities in an environmentally and economically responsible manner.

The River
92.5 the River is Boston's Independent & Solar Powered Radio Station. The River plays guitar-based, adult rock built around artists who've maintained credibility even as they've achieved success and newer artists who are making future classics today. Musically balanced between older and newer songs, you'll hear artists like Dave Matthews, U2, Neil Young, Jack Johnson, Sheryl Crow, and new artists who've yet to make it big.

Savers This sponsor brings a double benefit to every shopper. Not only does it help us recycle clothing, shoes, and household goods, but helps support the Epilepsy Foundation in its quest for remedies. Savers knows what the quadruple bottom line is - people, planet, profit and giving back. This wonderful company gave the opportunity to all of our designers to participate in a Project Runway style program to find clothes to upcycle and showcase in our EcoSalsa Fashion Show. Thank you Savers!

smartcar: The smart fortwo - the perfect vehicle for both the city driver and the highway commuter. Designed and built by a division of Mercedes-Benz with all the style and safety you'd expect from the world's premier automaker. Available in both gasoline and 100% electric versions. And what fun to drive. smart. open your mind.

Sonicbids helps bands find gigs, apply for opportunities, and get and book gigs by connecting them with the largest network of music promoters and music in the world. This wonderful online platform served to locate many performers for Boston GreenFest.

Spindrift offers a unique soda made from freshly squeezed juice and triple filtered water. This refreshing drink contains no juice from concentrate, preservatives, artificial sweeteners or artificial colors. As an eco-contentious company, Spindrift supports non-profits that are working to preserve water resources, both locally and globally. Come sip on one of Spindrift's sodas at Boston GreenFest's EcoTerrace and Lounge.

Based in Boston, State Street is a financial provider offering benchmarking, investment management and securities administration. Newsweek ranked State Street 6th out of 500 companies evaluated in the country for its sustainability practices. We are particularly grateful to State Street for its encouragement, volunteer efforts and significant participation in this year's event.

Tedeschi Food Shops
Founded in 1923 in Rockland, MA, Tedeschi Food Shops is one of New England's top convenient stores, offering fresh produce, healthy snacks, freshly brewed coffee, and ready-made take home meals. Boston GreenFest Discount Buttons are now available at several Tedeschi locations throughout the Boston area! .

Telemundo is an American television network that broadcasts in Spanish and is the second-largest Spanish-language content producer in the world. Look for their cameramen on the Plaza!

TerraPass is an extraordinary company that is able to offset conventional energy use with local renewable offset projects. TerraPass generously provided the offsets for Boston GreenFest 2013.

Uber has developed a mobile application that connects riders and drivers throughout cities. Through their application, Uber hopes to make cities more accessible, open up more possibilities for riders and provide more business for drivers. This year, Boston GreenFest has partnered with Uber to provide car services for the EcoTerrace and Lounge--download the app, put in the code, and off you go!.

Univision is the number one television for Hispanic viewers to connect with the top stories in the news, sports, entertainment, immigration and "telenovelas."

Urban Farm Fermentory
This Portland, Maine fermentory offers an array of fermented beverages including cider, mead and Kombucha. Their products are made from locally sourced ingredients to ensure eco-friendly business practices and to highlight the unique flavors of Maine. Join the Urban Farm Fermentory on this year's EcoTerrace and Lounge!

Wolavers Organic Brewing
Based out of Middlebury, VT, Wolavers Organic Brewing is dedicated to brewing great tasting beers, supporting sustainable agriculture, and minimizing their impact on the environment. Their beers are made from 100% organic hops and malts. Wolavers is one of Boston GreenFest's EcoTerrace and Lounge many great sponsors.

Wyndham Hotels
Wyndham Hotels has committed to going green through their Wyndham Green program. A few of the key focuses of the program include reducing energy and water consumption, educating internal and external stakeholders, improving air quality and minimizing waste by recycling and reusing materials.

Zipcar is the world's largest car sharing and car club service. It is an alternative to traditional car rental and car ownership. Zipcar is an inexpensive alternative to owning a car in the city.

Zoo New England
Zoo New England ") is the private, non-profit corporation that operates Franklin Park Zoo in Boston and Stone Zoo in Stoneham, Massachusetts. Franklin Park is a 72-acre site that was founded in 1912 and is nestled in Boston's historic Franklin Park and long considered the "crown jewel" of Frederick Law Olmsted's Emerald Necklace Park System. This year is its centennial celebration! Join Boston GreenFest at the zoo on July 20th and August 4th. Find the Zoo at Boston GreenFest!

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