METRO MAIN STAGE: Saturday, August 16

Highlights today include:

The Olate Dogs - come see these lovable furry gymnasts perform amazing flips and spins across the Metro Main Stage!

At 5 pm be sure to see the SAVERS EcoFashion Show - there is a special ending in store for everyone.

Everything on our stage today is a highlight - dance and music from around the world finishing up with the delightful Alissia and the Funketeers.

Each photo is linked to the performer's website, facebook or youtube.

Olate Dogs Olate Dogs
Richard and Nicholas Olate bring their amazing dogs (rescued from shelters) filled with love, antics and tricks for our enjoyment.
RedWhiteBlue Red White Blue United
FlashDancers with Flair!

Abdrea Capozzoli Andrea Capozzoli
Named 2004 "Female R&B Artist of the Year" at the New York International Music Festival, vocalist, trumpet player, pianist and producer Andrea Capozzoli has quickly established herself as a force to be reckoned with.
Johara Johara and Snake Dance Company
Johara has been a passionate and innovative Middle Eastern style belly dancer, choreographer, dance instructor, and percussionist in the Boston area since 1997. She is also the artistic director of Snake Dance Theater Company, which she formed in 2001 to bring her artistic vision of Middle Eastern and fusion Belly Dance under the bright lights of the theater at a time when belly dance was only seen in Boston restaurants, dance studios, and rented halls.
Olate Dogs Olate Dogs
Richard Olate grew up in Chile, the 2nd youngest of 22 children. When he was 12 years old, he asked his mom to keep a stray dog he found. She agreed as long as he took care of it. With lots of love and discipline he taught the dog tricks and began to do small shows. From there he headed to the circus.
Nicholas Olate Nicholas Olate
Nicholas Olate is now completing his debut CD album with Grammy Songwriter-Producer Tommy Marolda. (Imagine Dragons, Cher, Richie Sambora, Killers). Sounding like a cross between Justin Timberlake and Ed Sheeran, this 20 year-old performer comes to our stage this summer.
Viva La Hop Viva La Hop
Viva La Hop is a live Hip-Hop movement with roots from Funk & Jazz. From the horns, to the keys, to the strings, to the kick drum they come to get yo heads bobbin and booties movin, bringing an organic element back to hip-hop music. Poetry in motion.
Jo-Me Dance Jo-Mé Dance Company
They Do All The Dancing, But You'll Be The One Left Breathless ...
As The Sparrow As The Sparrow
Voted Best Live Artist of 2013 by Salem State University. As the Sparrow is a folk influenced rock-swing band based around the songwriting of Mark Damon and Crystal Araiza. Coming out of Boston, the band draws from the energy of big band swing music as well as the intimacy and poetry of the folk genre.
This is no ordinary fashion show. This is a show that will wow, amaze and suprise. The glamorous styles are all from upcycled items off of SAVERS' racks. The surprise ending is also off of SAVERS's racks. Watch the designers unfold their story with Nahdra Be Ra of The House of Nahdra, the EcoFashion Director and her Assistant Director, Mela Cardosa-Bush.
Women of the World Women of the World
Women of the World is an ensemble of musicians from different corners of the globe. By making music together, we have made beautiful friendship. In this spirit, we celebrate the beauty of diversity. We sing for not just tolerance, but wisdom, respect, and joy. We, as Women of the World, believe in the power of music. We believe in our bond. We believe in peace.
Johnny Fireseed Johnny Fireseed and the Junkyard Dogs
Johnny Fireseed and The Junkyard Dogs uses instruments made entirely from trash, recycling, and re-purposed items to perform original music with an upbeat eco-message. When Johnny Fireseed plays the audience embodies the spirit of the band � ready to plant seeds of sustainability and connect to the environment through music and art.
Olate Dogs Olate Dogs
Richard Olate moved from Chile to the US to join the circus here and never turned back. He met his wife at that time. He only spoke Spanish. She only spoke English. They figured out a way to communicate. Two children and many years later, they are still rescuing dogs and making audiences happy!
Grupo Fantasia Grupo Fantasia
Angel Wagner, musical director of Grupo Fantasia and master percussionist, plays more than 30 instruments. Angel has studied at the Harbor Arts Academy in New York, The Berklee College of Music in Boston and in the 1990s, tutored on congas under Grammy nominee, Giovanni Hidalgo. Currently, Angel is a band leader, percussion teacher, director of the Wagner Multicultural Workshop and percussionist in his band Grupo Fantasia.
Stone Giant Stone Giant
Stone Giant was founded in 2012 by guitarist Sebas Fernandez and keyboard player Joao Nogueira while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston MA. Since then, both have strived to find the right musicians who would complete the band lineup. During their time Joao and Sebas introduced many different members into the band and played shows with all of them, but there was something missing. That search came to an end on April 2013 when the energy consolidated itself by the unity of Sebas Fernandez, Joao Nogueira, Pedro Zappa, and Pepe Hidalgo. Stone Giant has set the locomotive in motion and embraced the powerful fusion of different types of rock music that they have been working for.
Tiz Kompa Tiz Kompa
A local high energy Haitian band, Tiz Kompa has played on our stage for the past 5 years. We look forward to welcoming them back.
Alissia and the Funketeers Alissia and the Funketeers
Hailing from Geneva, Switzerland, bassist and composer Alissia Benveniste has been enjoying the success of her original funk tune "Let It Out" with her band, the Funketeers. A YouTube phenomenon, a video of the song has garnered nearly 800,000 views in a very short time. Alissia and her band are happy to be bringing funk to a newer, younger, digitally-groomed generation.

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