Reduce and Recycle

The first step to changing our habits is to think twice about what we purchase. Do you really need that extra shirt? Do you need to buy 10 bowls just because they are on sale? We need to reduce how much comes into our homes and into our lives. This in turn will reduce the burden we are placing on the planet to produce all that we are consuming.

Once we have reduced our intake, then we must think about recycling what we have. The City of Boston has made it easy for households to recycle items made from plastic, paper, metal and glass. Single-stream technology that is available to the City allows us not worry about separating items. However, it is still a good idea to compress, condense and compact the items in the bin to take up less room.

The City's Environment Department aims to protect our built and natural environments and provide information on environmental issues affecting Boston. Sound management and environmental practices will help ensure the future of our livable City. The Environment Department protects Boston's wealth of historic sites, buildings, landscapes, and waterways through protective designation and review.

Water and energy are valuable to us. By recycling, we can reduce the use of water and energy to produce the things we need. Think about all the ways you can recycle items that you were about to toss in the trash.

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