Performance Schedule 2014

Please note: this schedule is not complete and is subject to change.

METRO MAIN STAGE: Friday, August 15

Time Performer Genre
12:00 pm Eva Sapper National Anthem
12:05 pm Olate Dogs Winners of America's Got Talent!
12:30 pm Gubernatorial One-on-One Meet Don Berwick with Doug Foy, Moderator
2:30 pm Seekers of Knowledge Modern Dance
2:50 pm Project Shades Jazz/R&B
3:30 pm Breakfast for the Boys
4:00 pm China Fox
4:50 pm Agua Clara Traditional Peru, Ecuador, Chile
5:30 pm Mamadou Music from Senegal
6:00 pm Olate Dogs Winners of America's Got Talent!
6:30 pm Abdou Mboup Cora player from Senegal
7:10 pm Bajucol Columbian Folklorico
7:30 pm O'Shea Chaplin Irish Step Dancers Traditional Irish Dance
8:00 pm Balla Kouyaté and World Vision Balafon player from Mali
9:20 pm Los Terapeutas del Ritmo Unique Rock Band from PERU!

METRO MAIN STAGE: Saturday, August 16

Time Performer Genre
12:00 pm Olate Dogs Winners of America's Got Talent!
12:15 pm Red, White and Blue United FlashDance
12:30 pm Melody Dance Troupe Chinese Dancers
12:45 pm Antoinette and laBluJazz Puerto Rican Jazz
1:10 pm Andrea Capozzoli Jazz
1:30 pm Johara and Dancers Belly Dance
2:00 pm Olate Dogs Winners of America's Got Talent
2:15 pm Nicholas Olate Rising Solo Artist
2:50 pm Viva La Hop Hip Hop
3:30 pm Jo-Mé Dance Company Modern Dance
4:05 pm As The Sparrow Folk Rock Swing Band
4:30 pm Happiness Traditional Chinese Orchestra
5:00 pm SAVERS EcoFashion Show Local Designers Upcycle
with a surprise ending!
6:00 pm Women of the World National A Capella Winners
6:45 pm Johnny Fireseed and the Junkyard Dogs Rock Band with Guitars Made from Kitchen Cabinets
7:20 pm Olate Dogs Winners of America's Got Talent!
7:45 pm Grupo Fantasía Spanish Dance Mix
8:15 pm Stone Giant Rock Band
8:45 pm Tiz Kompa Haitian Dance Music
9:20 pm Alissia and the Funketeers Funk Jazz Band

METRO MAIN STAGE: Sunday, August 17

Time Performer Genre
12:00 pm Olate Dogs Winners of America's Got Talent!
12:20 pm Boston Community Dance Project/Static Noyze Modern Dance by SKooJ CorE-O
1:00 pm Freevolt Rock Band
1:35 pm Chinese Drum Troupe with Miranda Traditional Chinese Waist Drums
1:55 pm Al-Jawary Al-Hessan Dancers Belly Dance
2:20 pm Malabar reggae, soul, Latin, and world music
2:50 pm Vahini and Friends Dances from India
3:15 pm The Macrotones Imperial Funk and Astrobeat
4:25 pm Annawon Weeden and Friends Native American Closing Ceremony

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