Boston GreenFest 2013 Performance Schedule (Check Back for Our Updated 2014 Schedule)

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Metro Main Stage
Thursday, August 15 - Kick-Off Concert
5:00 pm Tal Heller, Mezzo Soprano, Star Spangled Banner
5:10 PM Native American Drum & Dance Ceremony with Annawon Weeden
6:00 PM Words of Unity, Peace and Strength
Rabbi Sonia Saltzman, Temple Ohabei Shalom
Reverend Garvin Warden, Greenwood Memorial United Methodist Church
6:10 PM Freevolt
6:40 PM Freda Battle and the Temple Worshippers
7:15 PM Creek River String Band
8:00 PM Melodeego
8:40 PM Santa Mamba
9:15 PM Phunk Phenomena and Lil' Phunk
Friday, August 16
12:00 PM Liz Lohnes
12:30 PM Mayoral EcoForum
Come hear all the Mayoral Candidates discuss their 'Green' vision of Boston
1:30 PM SA
2:00 PM
2:35 PM Interrobang
3:00 PM South End Show Stopperz
3:30 PM Fame or Juliet
4:00 PM Klezwoods
4:30 PM Everybody is a Star: Eva Sapper and Loren Moale
5:00 PM Boston EcoPageant International
with guest performers:
Tal Heller, Mezzo Soprano accompanied by Juri Ify Love
Jo-Me Dance Company
Concert: "Play for the Planet"
6:30 PM Gumbo Diablo
7:15 PM McAlister Drive
7:40 PM Hasehm Daghestani
8:00 PM Tiz Kompa
8:45 PM Zili Misik
9:20 PM Rayz
Saturday, August 17
11:00 AM Yoga
11:25 AM Tai Chi with Huan Zhang
11:50 AM Boston Community Dance Project and Static Noyze Dance Company
12:15 PM Kung Fu with David T. Lee
Dancer lewa Chong
12:35 PM Al-Jawary Al-Hassan Belly Dancers
1:10 PM Beverly Richards Dance Co.
1:35 PM Mike Verge
2:00 PM Johara Belly Dancers
2:25 PM Samba Viva
3:00 PM Capoeira
3:25 PM Mary jo Sargent
3:35 PM Cruel Miracle
4:00 PM Black Alley
4:30 PM Jah-Free-I
5:00 PM Boston EcoFashion Show
6:00 PM Abdou Mboup, Cora player
6:25 PM Mamadou
7:00 PM Marching Band from El Salvador
7:20 PM Alex Deras
7:45 PM RadioVolta
8:25 PM Grupo Fantasia
9:15 PM Mariachi with Veronica Robles

Friday, August 16
10:00 AM FORUM: Transportation Tomorrow Today
Sponsored by Massport
11:00 AM FORUM: H2O on the GO!
Presented and sponsored by FORD Motor Company
12:00 PM yoga
12:30 PM tai chi
1:00 PM Norra Sun
1:30 PM Mike Delaney
2:00 PM
2:30 PM Grace and the RSO
3:00 PM spoken word
3:30 PM Shwetaank Gupta
4:00 PM Genuine Voices
4:30 PM Chris Lavancher
5:00 PM David Gallagher
5:30 PM Steve Katz
6:00 PM Steve Katz
Saturday, August 17
10:00 AM FORUM: Electric Vehicles NOW!
11:00 AM FORUM: Greening our planet
12:00 PM yoga
12:30 PM Sass Brown, Story of EcoFashion
1:00 PM Story of Corn with Ellen Fine
1:30 PM Lenny Solomon and The Solomon Band
2:00 PM Kevin Moore
2:30 PM Bob Bradshaw
3:00 PM Max Garcia Conover
3:30 PM Abdou Mboup
4:00 PM
4:30 PM
5:00 PM Town Meeting
5:30 PM
6:00 PM Seth Wonkka

Friday, August 16
12:00 PM
12:30 PM Amber Baker
1:00 PM Crosswalk Anarchy
1:30 PM 102 South Entertainment
2:00 PM NwaSoul Project
2:30 PM Star Janaan Smith
3:00 PM London Bridgez
3:30 PM Redactyl
4:00 PM Kaline Akinkugbe
4:30 PM Monster Breezy
5:00 PM Jazmin MCcray
5:30 PM Julea
6:00 PM Strata Obscura
6:30 PM Aisling Peartree
7:00 PM Tavonna Miller
7:30 PM Troy 'Elektrik Kidd' Durden
Saturday, August 17
12:00 PM Miriam Elhajli
12:30 PM ATM
1:00 PM Fairhaven Band
1:30 PM Sweatshop
2:00 PM Viva La Hop
3:00 PM The Cultured
3:30 PM Nele The Band
4:00 PM Kendall Ramseur
4:30 PM The Ill Funk Assemble Band
5:00 PM Nuf Said
5:30 PM Hayk's
6:00 PM Mark Merren
6:30 PM Ryan Collins
7:00 PM Nancia Music
7:00 PM Black Alley

Family Stage
Friday, August 16
12:00 PM Brock & Roll Revival
12:30 PM Kathy Byers: One Earth So Green & Round
1:00 PM DJ Seitu and Company
2:00 PM The Three Sisters: Storytelling with Ellen Fine
2:30 PM Bill Shontz and Kathy Byers
3:00 PM Youth Panel run by GreenSchools
4:00 PM Yoga with Down Under Yoga
4:30 PM Senegaloubamba
5:00 PM Fame or Juliet
5:30 PM South End Show Stopperz
6:00 PM Victoria
6:25 PM Brock & Roll Revival
Saturday, August 17
11:00 AM Brock & Roll Revival
12:00 PM Beverly Richards Dance School
12:30 PM Alfredo Velasquez
1:00 PM Jah-Free-I
1:30 PM Yoga with Down Under Yoga
2:00 PM Belly Dancing with Johara
2:30 PM Kathy Byers: One Earth So Green & Round
3:00 PM Roberto Clemente 21 Dancers
3:30 PM Kung Fu w/ Huan Zhang
4:00 PM South End Dinamitas
4:30 PM Eli Avil
5:00 PM Cultura Latina Dance Program
5:30 PM Alfredo Velasquez Son del Sol
6:00 PM Brock and Roll

Schedule times subject to change

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