Isaacs Moving and Storage

Without Isaacs, Boston GreenFest would not happen. Isaacs' agents are the movers and shakers of our event and insure that our exhibitors get in and out of City Hall Plaza in a seamless fashion. Isaacs does its best to work with its clients to help recycle and reuse furnishings and electronics when they move from one site to another. They do the best they can to program their trips so trucks are maximizing their time on the road and are not traveling empty.

Isaacs has been serving the Boston and Philadelphia areas for over 20 years and is one of the finest independent moving companies in the country. It received an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. The company offers packing, moving, unpacking and storage services as well as international shipments. Isaacs will help exhibitors move on and off the festival site from August 19th to 21st.

The fact that Isaacs supports Boston GreenFest every year is amazing testimony to the keen concern this local company has for our city and our planet.

Isaacs Moving
Isaacs Moving and Storage

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