METRO MAIN STAGE: Friday, August 15

Highlights today include:

The Olate Dogs - come see these lovable furry gymnasts perform amazing flips and spins across the Metro Main Stage!

Tell everyone you know to come out for a "Gubernatorial One-on-One with Don Berwick: Conversation about the Environment", a special one-on-one chat with Doug Foy that will take place on the Metro Main Stage at 12:30-1:30 pm. This is an opportunity to have thousands of people hear Don share his sustainable vision for the future of our commonwealth and how he would handle things were he to become governor.

Enjoy many extraordinary international performers including Balla Kouyaté of Mali and his group World Vision; Abdou Mboup of Senegal and Los Terapeutas del Ritmo, arriving directly from Peru for our festival.

Each photo is linked to the performer's website, facebook or youtube.

Eva Sapper Eva Sapper
Doctors told Eva's parents prior to her birth that she would likely not walk nor talk. Here she is today, beautiful, self-confident, talking, walking and singing! She inspired the launch of the nonprofit, Everybody is a Star, to help other special needs youth find their voice.
Olate Dogs Olate Dogs
Richard and Nick Olate bring their amazing dogs (rescued from shelters) filled with love, antics and tricks for our enjoyment.
Don Berwick Don Berwick
Come hear Don have a conversation one-on-one with Doug Foy about how he as Governor "will double down on efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our precious natural resources."

SeekersofKnowledge Seekers of Knowledge
These young dancers are part of a neighborhood program to motivate young girls to become accomplished leaders who are creative and are ready to lead meaningful lives.
Project Shades Project Shades
Yonit Spiegelman has begun Project Shades and will bring it to the Metro Main Stage!
Breakfast for the Boys Breakfast for the Boys
Breakfast for the Boys is fronted by lead singer Aubrey Haddard and is a blues/funk/jazz/soul band out of New Paltz, NY. Aubrey attends Berklee College here in Boston.
aguaclara Agua Clara
Agua Clara is an instrumental group that specializes in music from the Andes Mountain region of South America. With most of its members from Peru, Ecuador, and Chile.
Mamadou Mamadou
Many times winner of the International Musician of the Year award, Mamadou of Senegal, happily shares his culture through music across New England.
Olate Dogs Olate Dogs
Richard Olate grew up in Chile, the 2nd youngest of 22 children. When he was 12 years old, he asked his mom to keep a stray dog he found. She agreed as long as he took care of it. With lots of love and discipline he taught the dog tricks and began to do small shows. From there he headed to the circus.
Abdou Mboup Abdou Mboup
Abdou is a Senegalese musician versed in playing the cora, a traditional stringed instrument made from a gourd attached to a long wooden neck. He has been coming from New Jersey for the past three years to join us at Boston GreenFest.
Irish Step O'Shea Chaplin Irish Dancers
The O’Shea-Chaplin Academy of Irish Dance is a family-run, student-oriented school for dancers of all ages and abilities. Established in Ireland in 1954 and in Boston in the 1960s, we are proud to be one of the longest-running Irish dance companies in the United States.
Balla Kouyaté Balla Kouyaté
Balla Kouyaté, originally from Mali, is a djeli, a musician and oral historian in Malian society. Balla learned his instrument, the balafon, from his father and has played with the world's top musicians on many a stage, including the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.
Los Terapeutas del Ritmo Los terapeutas del Ritmo
Los Terapeutas del Ritmo are the first band Boston GreenFest has invited from abroad. They are specialists in rock and cumbia. They support many social and environmental causes. Recently they have been asking people to adopt parts of the Amazon rainforest.

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