Printers, computers, i-pods, TVs, cellphones, cameras, rechargeable batteries, games - it seems like our electronic devices are never ending. The moment one model comes on to the market, two newer versions are close behind. It is important to dispense of the outdated equipment carefully.

The City of Boston will pick up TVs and computer monitors at curbside (call in advance). However, NOT the small and medium eWaste.

Also, know that any CFL light bulbs must NOT be thrown in the trash, but must disposed of safely because they contain mercury. Check stores such as Home Depot for disposal bins.

We need long-term solutions for our eWaste, what we are talking about are our short and mid-term solutions. We need to rethink what all this waste means and what are ways to prevent so much hazardous pile up, not just in our drawers and closets, but in landfill across the globe, particularly in Africa and Asia.

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