Wine and Beer Garden

This summer you will be able to "kick back" and relax with a glass of sustainably crafted wine or beer, enjoy some amazing food, listen to the music, and have some quiet time with friends and family at the Wine and Beer Garden of Boston GreenFest. The Wine and Beer Garden will be conveniently located on the plaza for all over 21 to enjoy.

Great wine and beer on sale for $5 a glass!

Naked Grape Lime Sierra Nevada Naked Grape White

Naked Grape

At The Naked Grape, they believe the wine should taste good and do good, naturally: Act Local, Be Natural, and Create Good...and that to make wine that tastes amazing, you've got to focus on what's underneath the skin to reveal the true and unique flavors of each grape. Their winemakers have a simple philosophy: Great Grapes = Great Flavor = Great Wine.

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada has organic beer! Their Estate® Ale, made with organic hops and barley, is a USDA certified organic beer. The hops and barley are what make this ale truly 'estate' because they are grown in Chico, CA, on Sierra Nevada land. For all of our other beers, they purchase more organic hops and barley than most other brewers. They also work closely with hop and barley farmers to understand what hurdles they face in moving toward more sustainable growing practices.

Additionally, Sierra Nevada powers much of its production by a large solar power installation, sends its used hops to the local dairy farm, and co-generates energy from its manufacturing process. It is very conscious of all aspects of the environment which makes drinking a glass of Sierra Nevada beer that much more refreshing!

Downeast Cider House

Downeast Cider House was founded by Ross Brockman and Tyler Mosher during their senior year of college. After a considerable amount of time spent on the family orchard, an affinity for farm-fresh apple products was born.

And so it was set. Where others have used juice from concentrate, "natural flavorings," "essences," artificial sweeteners, and an endless list of excuses, Downeast Cider House has a firmly established policy of NO SHORTCUTS. No matter the cost, they are fully committed to using only fresh-pressed juices and pure, natural ingredients in their cider. When it comes to flavor, they believe there's no substitute for the best, and that's what they stand by: simple, honest, authentic.

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