Laura-Gray Street and Ann Fisher-Wirth help us understand EcoPoetry with a quote from Ed Roberson: "[It] occurs when an individual's sense of the larger Earth enters into the world of human knowledge. The main understanding that results from this encounter is the Ecopoetic: that the world's desires do not run the Earth, but the Earth does run the world." They suggest that EcoPoetry investigates, interrogates, and inhabits the rhythms and structures of language, which is the filter of our self-conscious visions of what's around and in us, what is us. Street and Fisher-Wirth selected one of ee cummings' poems, Me up at does, as an example.

Me up at does
out of the floor
quietly Stare
a poisoned mouse
still who alive
is asking What
have i done that
You wouldn't have

To read more about this look at Verse Wisconsin.
EcoPoet in Residence
Prof. DJ Seitu

For the third consecutive year we have an EcoPoet in Residence - Prof. DJ Seitu who founded Writerways Institute and works with children thoughout the year inside and outside Boston schools.

Through poetic thought, Prof. Seitu, will help our children express their feelings about how our world is today and their hopes for the future.

Professor Seitu fosters intergenerational engagement using creative visual & verse artforms and scrap platforms. The results will decorate and inform our festival with eco-poetry verse and visual designs-with the goal to raise everyone's eco-consciousness. Some of our young eco-poets will come to the mic on the Family Stage and recite their poetry aloud.

Please find Prof. Seitu at the EcoKids section throughout the day on Friday and Saturday. He will run ongoing eco-poetry workshops.

Prof. Seitu will appear on the Family Stage on Friday, August 16th from 1:00-1:25 pm. He will also appear around our festival in an impromptu fashion according to available opportunities.


Ecological or ecology literally means "study of houses." Based on my take of the original script language and cultural arts, I suggest that the authentic and original notion of study here does not mean to dissect, distort nor probe. It means to give steady and reverent observation, review or respect.

Also, I suggest the authentic and original notion of "house" comes from the notion of household or family structure - specifically, patterns of interrelationship between all different things belonging to the whole of natural life. This concept of house - Het, Hut, Hood, Home, Habitat, Haven - is carried by the idea of the Tabernacle of whole creation, the Web of Live, The Way and the entire universal state of whole caring.

Indeed, this original reference to "house" is an analogue for the fully inhabited universe of whole creation and not a sign and denotation for some empty lodging place. So, I find ecology means caring inhabitation of Earth and the Universe along with its full spectrum of colors.

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