Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud

Dr. Barbara Ferrer

Crystal Johnson

Sean Bielat

Ben Manski

Build Our Future EcoForum 2012

Date: Friday, August 17, 2012
Time: 12:30-1:15 pm
Where: Boston City Hall Plaza,
Metro Main Stage

This forum is free.

Massachusetts' Environmental Vision - How will we achieve an environmentally sustainable economy?

Join this lunchtime discussion bringing together environmental, public health, political and green innovation perspectives.

Panelist 1: Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud
Founder and Former CEO, Boston Power

Panelist 2:  Dr. Barbara Ferrer
City of Boston's Commissioner of Public Health

Panelist 3:  Crystal Johnson
Environmental Strategist,
Founder and Principal, ISES
(Integrative Sustainability & Environmental Solutions)

Panelist 4:  Sean Bielat
Congressional Republican Candidate, 4th District (Barney Frank's Seat)

Panelist 5:  Ben Manski
Campaign Manager for Dr. Jill Stein,
Green Party Presidential Candidate

Moderator:  Steve Jones-D'Agostino
Principal, Best Rate of Climb

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