At Boston GreenFest 2013 there will be an EcoFashionShoppe where festival-goers can meet with designers and shop owners, view product samples, and get exclusive product discounts. Here you could learn about the latest advances in eco-conscious wear. Exhibits are on Friday 8-16-13 and Saturday 8-17-13.

Photograph by Lazarusworks

Introducing Sass Brown

Sass Brown is the Resident Director for the Fashion Institute of Technology's study abroad program in Florence, Italy. Originally from London, England, Sass established herself as a designer with her own signature collection selling in the UK and across Canada. As an academic, her area of research is in community outreach and ethical design practices in fashion businesses. She has published papers and spoken around the world on the topic of sustainable design, has worked and volunteered in women's cooperatives in Latin America, and taught workshops to manufacturers and fashion enterprises in Peru. Her book, Eco Design, for British publishers Laurence King, is also available in Italian as well as Spanish, and showcases some of the best expressions of eco fashion around the world. To learn more, visit her website

A special thank you to SAVERS for providing the garments to challenge our designers to create upcycled pieces and to produce a chic wardrobe from clothes that are given a second chance!


Whether we get dressed with our eyes closed or view style as an art form, we all wear clothes, and we all need to start thinking about the impact our purchases have on the earth.

Many of the components of the fashion industry are destructive to our health and the environment. They often come from companies that adhere to unethical standards starting with hair care and makeup and moving into the fabrics, finishes and materials that we wear or use as accessories. We aim to raise public consciousness and present realistic alternatives to the toxic and unethical products of our fashion/beauty industries.

Excite, Engage and Educate people in a creative way to change their habits to natural and organic fibers as well as healthy beauty and body care products, produced by companies that adhere to fair trade and ethical standards.

One component of shifting our ways from wasteful consumerism is to recycle/ upcycle/ reuse clothes and fabrics. An example of this is reusing yarn in a sweater to knit something new, perhaps a scarf, hat and mittens. Another is to upcycle or reuse a pair of old jeans to make a new item and increase its value in a new and exciting form.

Boston EcoFashion Show

When: Saturday, August 17th
Time: 5-6:00 pm
Where: Boston GreenFest,
Boston City Hall Plaza,
Metro Main Stage
Director: Nahdra,
The House of Nahdra
Host: Sass Brown, FIT New York City
Sponsors: Savers
Photographer: Eric Iannuccilli, Lazarusworks Photography

Nahdra, from The House of Nahdra, is this year's EcoFashion Director. Nahdra's gratitude for the earth shines brightly through both her eco-friendly clothing and her everyday lifestyle. She believes that "Our Planet has been more than good to us & it's time we did the same for Our Planet & Ourselves." At Boston EcoFashion Show, Nahdra will share her vision for an eco-friendly planet through her "Blue Nile Collection", which embraces her appreciation for clean water. This collection includes pieces made from both recycled clothing and cotton.

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Originally designed by Autumn Gedutis & Sarah Prouty.
Please note that there is no commercial audio or video recording allowed during Boston GreenFest without prior written authorization.