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Whether we get dressed with our eyes closed or view style as an art form, we all wear clothes, and we all need to start thinking about the impact our purchases have on the earth.


Many of the components of the fashion industry are destructive to our health and the environment. They often come from companies that adhere to unethical standards starting with hair care and makeup and moving into the fabrics, finishes and materials that we wear or use as accessories. We aim to raise public consciousness and present realistic alternatives to the toxic and unethical products of our fashion/beauty industries.


Excite, Engage and Educate people in a creative way to change their habits to natural and organic fibers as well as healthy beauty and body care products, produced by companies that adhere to fair trade and ethical standards.

One component of shifting our ways from wasteful consumerism is to recycle/ upcycle/ reuse clothes and fabrics. An example of this is reusing yarn in a sweater to knit something new, perhaps a scarf, hat and mittens. Another is to upcycle or reuse a pair of old jeans to make a new item and increase its value in a new and exciting form.

SAVERS EcoFashion Show

This unique event was created two years ago specifically for the designers at Boston GreenFest. The designers come to SAVERS 3 weeks prior to the festival and line up at the entrance each with a shopping cart for the "Designers Recycle Rush." They have one hour to make their way around the store. Whatever they can put into the cart is theirs to upcycle into the fashions presented on the stage.

Meet a few of our designers:

FRANCHESCA SALAMANCA is the youngest of our designers. She began putting her designs on the stage when she was 9 years old, using Barbie dolls as her models. Now, at age 15, she is dressing her peers and they look great!

MELA CARDOSA-BUSH has been involved with ecoFashion for more than she can remember. Designer, entrepreneur, and stylist, Mela brings big color and easy to wear styles to the ecoFashion world.

NAHDRA BE RA is designer, teacher and leader in sustainable designs and the Boston ecoFashion world. Originally from Ethiopia, Nahdra is a creative force and unites the community through her ecoFashionable collections.

EcoFashion Shoppe

Given that the fashion industry is a huge consumer of water, energy and chemicals, as well as high numbers of very low-wage workers, we are happy to offer alternatives that are eco-friendly and socially responsible. Join us at the EcoFashion Shoppe to meet with designers and shop owners, view product samples, and get exclusive product discounts. Here you can learn about the latest advances in eco-conscious wear.

This year, Marjorie Delsoin will be running DIY workshops throughout the festival to teach people how to upcycle clothing, new sewing ideas and imteresting new techniques in design. Stop by the DIY table!

The House of Nahdra

Nahdra Ra, from The House of Nahdra, is this year's EcoFashion Director. Nahdra's gratitude for the earth shines brightly through both her eco-friendly clothing and her everyday lifestyle. She believes that "Our Planet has been more than good to us & it's time we did the same for Our Planet & Ourselves." At Boston EcoFashion Show, Nahdra will share her vision for an eco-friendly planet. Her collection includes pieces made from both recycled clothing and cotton.

Last year's full collection:

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