Let your imagination fill with ideas! Let your senses be awakened to knowledge and understanding. Art has a way of communicating messages far beyond words. Bring your art, make art, feel the art at Boston GreenFest this summer. Join us in the heART of Boston.

Come see what our team of artists is getting ready to show you this year. Check out George Sabra's work! One of his pieces is at the entrance of Boston City Hall on the third floor plaza level. It's the tallest sculpture of recycled plastic caps in the USA.

Peacemakers by George Sabra

Peacemakers Peacemakers Peacemakers

Origin of the Peacemakers by George Sabra

The wood that was used to create the Peacemakers came from the woods adjacent to the Green Learning Center in Roslindale, MA.
It was wood that was not quite decayed, but was no longer part of a living tree.

Wood for Peacemakers

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