Let your imagination fill with ideas! Let your senses be awakened to knowledge and understanding. Art has a way of communicating messages far beyond words. Bring your art, make art, feel the art at Boston GreenFest this summer. Join us in the heART of Boston.

Come see what our team of artists is getting ready to show you this year. Check out Viktor G's repurposed art! There will be a wonderful exhibit of recycled art inside Boston City Hall in honor of Boston GreenFest. It will be on display during the month of August. A community of artists is coming together to create a large mural: Innovation - Compassion - Transformation - Community.

Viktor G - Castle in the Commons and
Sculpture by the Harbor

Viktor G's Castle in the Commons

Viktor G's Castle in the Commons

Viktor G uses or rather reuses a particular paper item that we continue to produce, collect, carry on us and often discard. Try to identify it.

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