Composting is one of the most important ways we have of recycling, reducing landfill and enriching our earth. Bootstrap Compost will be on site at Boston GreenFest to teach us more about composting and to help us get closer to achieving zero waste.

Everyone should compost their vegetable and fruit wastes. Carrot peels, potato peels, onion skins and mango skins, all go into the compost. Garden wastes such as grass cuttings, leaves, small twigs and pulled up weeds also should be composted. A compost bin can be small or large. You can make one yourself or purchase one. It can be indoors or outdoors and it is best to establish a worm compost with red wrigglers (Find them at your local bait shop!).

Worms are our partners in recycling, breaking down organic matter, aerating it, and creating a rich supplement for flower pots or garden plots. Compost and compost tea (which comes from worm castings) are more valuable than gold. Why? They improve our soil so we can grow food and plants, helping regenerate life and keeping us healthy.

By composting we accomplish several things. We reduce the size of our trash and the size of our landfill, conserving energy and space. We reduce the number of garbage trucks hauling our trash and therefore conserve on energy needed for transportation. We reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers needed for our gardens and lawns, reducing energy inputs and pollution due to the chemical production processes as well as pollution of the land that the fertilizer is applied to.

Compost Bin
Photo courtesy of Danny Fred

At Boston GreenFest all food wastes are composted industrially along with any vegware that is used on site. As we do our part, we invite you to do yours. If you don't have space for a compost bin outside your home and you are not ready to try one in your kitchen, please consider starting one in a convenient location in your neighborhood. You can also work together with your neighbors to create a neighborhood compost area for yard waste that might be generated by the neighborhood park or green areas, however small or large.

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