Green Business Breakfast

State Street

The Green Business Breakfast is an integral part of Boston GreenFest 2014 and will take place on Friday morning, August 15th at 8:00-9:45 am. It is organized to recognize and celebrate the sustainability work of local businesses and organizations who have contributed to our community through their corporate responsibility efforts. The Green Business Breakfast is also designed as an invitation-only event to serve as a forum for networking between our community and business leaders who are mobilizing around these sustainability issues.

Our speakers will include (Left to Right):

Chief of Energy and Environment, City of Boston, Mr. Brian Swett.

Environment Commissioner, City of Boston, Ms. Nancy Girard, Esq.

Keynote Speakers:
CEO of Next Step Living, Mr. Geoff Chapin, and CEO of Bay-Arch in Denmark, Mr. Christian Bay-Jorgensen
will discuss the topic:
Envisioning Our Energy and Innovation Future.

Brian Swett Nancy Girard
Geoff Chapin Christian Bay-Jorgensen

Breakfast Providers:

Cozy Tea
Flat Black

Fresh Brewed Coffee Cozy Tea Sweet Scone

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Boston GreenFest is organized by
Foundation for a Green Future, Inc.