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Become an EcoVendor!

Showcase your special crafts, wares, art, garments and more throughout this year's EcoBazaar.

Becoming an EcoVendor

Vendors are an integral part of every festival. They help set the ambience and give people a special feeling about the event they are attending. At Boston GreenFest 2014 we hope festival-goers will find items they can associate with the great experience they have at our event. In most cases, the EcoVendors at Boston GreenFest are available throughout the entire event.

The festival provides an excellent opportunity to display your products. The products should either be handmade and/or incorporate eco-friendly materials/practices in the items. EcoVendors have various options at our event. Please give us a call to learn more: 617-477-4840. Thank you!

EcoCraft Vendor Registration: Coming soon!

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Please note that there is no commercial audio or video recording allowed during Boston GreenFest without prior written authorization.