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Sign up for Boston GreenFest 2014. Join in the fun! Contact us soon to help build the momentum! Boston GreenFest is heading towards its 7th and most exciting year. Our theme is Envisioning Our Future. Help us educate all those who come about the importance of making green choices. These include areas of energy, water, health & wellness, communication, transportation, design, architecture, recreation, fashion, gardens, green roofs, homes, children, food, urban agriculture and more. We are looking for a diverse group of exhibitors and vendors that will showcase their sustainable services and products. The more creative, energy-efficient, water-efficient, recycled, and upcycled your products are, the better!

We are working to design a vibrant community setting for all who come to Boston GreenFest. This year we will expect all exhibitors to be open during the entire event. Please be sure that you will have appropriate coverage. Also, moving on and off the plaza will be more challenging due to the MBTA construction. We will need everyone's help and cooperation. We have tightened our organization and detailed site information will be provided well in advance. Please note that exhibitors will be listed on our website only once payment is received.

Exhibitor Information for Load-in and Load-Out

Friday, August 15th: Load-in goes from 7-11 am. Festival opens at Noon. We will be sending an exhibitor packet to everyone by email to provide more details.

Sunday, August 17th: Load-out starts at 5 pm. Please be kind enough to fold up your table and chairs when you leave and clean around your space! Thanks for joining us!

Health Wellness Exhibitor Health Wellness Tent
Photos courtesy of Siobhan McLernon

Exhibitor registration fee includes a tented space with a 6' or 8' table and two chairs for the full 2-1/2 days. The cost for electrical hookup is an additional fee of $100.

Exhibit hours are:

Friday, August 15th 12 pm to 6:00 pm*
Saturday, August 16th 12 pm to 6:00 pm*
Sunday, August 17th 12 pm to 5 pm
*Vendors will close at 10 pm. Anyone else wishing to remain open until 10 pm must let us know.

Let's envision our future together:

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Boston GreenFest is organized by
Foundation for a Green Future, Inc.