About Boston GreenFest: Our Story

Seven years ago Boston GreenFest was an idea born around the kitchen table. Its predecessor was altWheels, a wonderful festival focusing on alternative transportation and energy. Foundation for a Green Future, Inc., creator and organizer of Boston GreenFest, picked up the baton and ran outside these limits to make it all-encompassing and all-embracing. Many said you can't be everything for everybody. We said, why not?

Boston GreenFest allows us to find strength in our diversity, bring young and old together, embrace the role of women, appreciate and learn from nature, cross fertilize our ideas, connect businesses with neighborhoods, and celebrate art in all its forms. The world's thirst for technology may have headed us into a carbon tailspin, but with well-rounded caring thinkers, technology holds the tools to soar towards the future. We encourage all festival-goers to explore, to question, to create and to use your imagination to envision our future.

Panorama View

What, Where and When

Boston GreenFest 2014 is a fully inclusive festival filled with fun learning experiences to address the important changes we need to make in our daily lives and our neighborhoods. It will begin at Boston City Hall Plaza on Friday, August 15th at noon and finish on Sunday, August 17th at 5 pm.

What's Happening at Boston GreenFest 2014?

All of our neighborhoods will come together from across Greater Boston to find solutions to make our city a healthy sustainable place to live. People from all over New England are invited to join us. Boston GreenFest 2014 brings many opportunities to the heart of our city to learn about green products, services, ideas, networks, and jobs. There will be interactive exhibits, workshops, presentations, and special features: continuous live entertainment on four stages, Wine & Beer Garden, lots of EcoFashion and ecoArt, BostonGreenFilmFest, One Gallon ChallengeTM Showcase, lots of great kids' activities, delicious food, and much more. This year we are hosting the Gubernatorial EcoForum: Envisioning the Commonwealth's Future, SAVERS EcoFashion Show, and the Lewis Mumford Award Ceremony. We will also launch the Boston Kids HaikuGarden Parade!

Learn and Celebrate!

Find out how to save money and make your home efficient. Buy local fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. Explore interesting vendors of unique crafts and products. Check out new clean technologies and green inventions. Be amazed at how we can begin to make a difference with small changes to our own lives and how we can build on these changes with our neighbors. Let's learn and celebrate together!

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Boston GreenFest is organized by
Foundation for a Green Future, Inc.
email: info@bostongreenfest.org